Today I tell you about my little corner in Rome.

I’ve been living in Rome for more than 10 years and I can say that I know it like the back of my hands.

I lived and worked in many different areas, I have friends scattered around the city and I have known and been in almost every district of this great city.

As often as it happens in different cities of the world that the eastern part of the city is the most artistic and full of people from different backgrounds, even in Rome is no exception.

The east side of Rome is where I chose to live, certainly not the well known and most elegant of the capital, but the most colourful and active (and activist) in the city.

A few steps from Termini Station is the Pigneto, that’s how the area is called: a triangle of roads with a retrò charm between Via Prenestina and Via Casilina.

Local bars and little but lively, ever-changing streets, historic shreds who live with the current life of this part of the city.

At Pigneto you can breath the symbols of the old (but not too old) Rome (such as the famous Necci bar where Pierpaolo Pasolini habitually used to write) and also the evolution of today’s Rome (like the Pigneto strip, full of bars and restaurants open late).

Bar Necci, Pigneto
Bar Necci, Pigneto
Totò, Pigneto
Murales at Pigneto
Everything you can imagine is real – Picasso, Pigneto
Murales at Pigneto
Weird creature at Pigneto

It is a neighborhood that I watched expand and transform over the years, from the works to upgrade an unmarked and lifeless square to the birth of new activities full of character.

“Brash, cocky and extraordinarily easy going: this is the portrait of Pigneto, a maze of streets that continuously attracts creatives, good food lovers and photographers looking for inspiration.
In the bars, low light and great wine; on the streets, colourful graffiti that express the artistic soul of the neighbourhood. Long beards, cigarettes, chatters on the greatest systems: Pigneto is lively and a bit scruffy like the wildlife that populates it.”

That is one fine description of my neighbourhood that clears up why Pigneto fascinates both locals and foreigners who can grasp there a different face of the city.

It is easy to reach from Termini Station by bus (105, 50) or train (S. Elena stop).

Quiet by day, perfect to get lost through it’s little streets in search of its murals hidden at every corner. Lively and busy at night to drink a beer or have something nice to eat.

You can find street food and refined local cuisine (Primo al Pigneto), enjoy a great Sundays brunch and have the kids playing on the rides (Rosti), enjoy ethnic cuisine (Tandoori for Indian, Kalapa for Greek), snack with some healthy and vegan food (Vitaminas 24), taste sweet treats (Le Zoccolette) or drink in cool industrial style bars (Scomodo food & Music).

Kalapa, Greco
Kalapa, Greek
Primo al Pigneto
Primo al Pigneto
Tandoori, Indiano
Tandoori, Indian
Rosti al Pigneto
Rosti al Pigneto
Le Zoccolette
Le Zoccolette

Pigneto is one of my favorite places when I want to wander around without the traffic of the capital, when I want to breathe a foreign feel or to simply spend a pleasant evening with friends.

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